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Catskills Records

Updated September 2016: 

Title: Catskills Records: 20 Years of Victory!
Artist: Various
Release: 25th November 2016
Label: Catskills Records
Formats: 3 X LP, 2 X CD, Digital
Catalogue numbers: RIDLP026 | RIDCD026 | RIDCD026D

20 years!? Brighton/London-based label Catskills Records has aged well and doesn’t look a day over 10 years old. To celebrate Catskills are proud to present ‘Catskills Records: 20 Years of Victory’ - available in a beautifully designed triple-gatefold coloured vinyl, double CD and digital with added bonus tracks. Featuring 23 Catskills mini-classics that bounce nimbly between the atmospherics of the track that kicked it off with Indian Motorcycles by Sonorous Star (label founders Khalid and Amr Mallassi), to the dance-floor beats of Drop by Bushy, Featurecast and Black Grass, the drum explosions of Pepe Deluxé, the ethereal soundscapes of Husky Rescue and so much more in-between! Almost every genre of music from the last 20 years is represented, but that’s to be expected from a label that always - and continues to - run the musical spectrum from Hip-Hop to Punk, Country to Prog Rock; as long as it’s got the "head-nod factor” (TM) they’ll spin it till their necks break.  

Also included are 2 new tracks, exclusive to this compilation: The majestic, isolation of “My Shelter” by Husky Rescue and “Go, Girls, Go!” by Pepe Deluxé, a breezy throwback to Pepe Deluxé's origins in Hip Hop and breaks culture. 

The album features stunning widescreen artwork from Ante Kemppainen (previously known for designing much of the look of the Angry Birds games) and designer Tero Ahonen that depicts the true origins of Catskills Records in epic fashion. *

Available in LIMITED, triple-gatefold, coloured 3 X vinyl - this is probably the only way to get many of these tracks since almost all of Catskills back catalogue was destroyed in a warehouse fire in 2011. The vinyl contains a surprise bonus track from Pepe Deluxé's ‘That Track!’, that has been impossible to get hold of since its initial release in 1999(strictly on the QT and very, hush hush). The CD also contains all 24 tracks (minus that cheeky track from Pepe Deluxé mentioned above) in an equally eye-catching package.

Here’s to another 20 years of idiosyncratic, unpredictable and impossible-to-pigeonhole releases from Catskills Records! 

* This part might not be true.

Disc 1

1. Channel Surfing - Featurecast

2.  Spunky Love Fun - The Mexican

3. Oh Jah - Black Grass

4. Salami Fever - Pepe Deluxé

5. Loco - The Ripps

6. Pussy Cat Rock - Pepe Deluxé

7. Go, Girl, Go! - Pepe Deluxé**

8. Tree House - Husky Rescue

9. Drop - Bushy

10. Nice Up - Black Grass

11. Sqezy Soul - Bushy & Sonic Boo

12. A Night and a Day - Pepe Deluxé

13. The Storm - Pepe Deluxé

Disc 2

1. Sound Of Love - Husky Rescue

2. Never (Bonobo Remix) - Bushy

3. Moonlight - Hardkandy

4. Mysterious Beautiful - Zero Theory

5. Woman In Blue - Pepe Deluxé

6. Three Days - Hardkandy

7. Summertime Cowboy - Husky Rescue

8. Week-End - Capsule

9. New Light Of Tomorrow - Husky Rescue

10. Last Dance - Husky Rescue

11. Indian Motorcycles - Sonorous Star

12. My Shelter - Husky Rescue**

**Previously unreleased and exclusive to Catskills Records: 20 Years of Victory! 


CD 2:


To celebrate the anniversary, Catskills Records are also putting on two Album Launch Parties, across Brighton and London, with guest DJs. Both are Free Entry:

25th November:  Dead Wax Social, Brighton – Free Entry

Guest DJs: Pepe Deluxé, Husky Rescue, Black Grass, Hardkandy, Sonorous Star,
Jonny Reggae, Professor.

26th November: Mick’s Garage, London –Free Entry
Guest DJs:
Pepe Deluxé, Husky Rescue, Black Grass, Carl Faure, Sonorous Star, Jonny Reggae.

Connect with Catskills via:

Press contact – Hannah Gould PR: | 07974000415