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Updated May 2017: 

New Single: 2-June-2017

Taken from FREEDOOM EP: 9-June-2017

REIN - aka Sweden’s Joanna Reinikainen – is like the bastard child of M.I.A and N.I.N, but with an undercurrent of Nordic pop-sensibility (on speed). She creates pure, raw and merciless electronica crossed with punk’s attitude and unbridled visceral energy, as REIN explains: "Just as much as I want my music to say something, I want you to feel it. I'm doing something that I know is lacking today.” 

In only 16 months REIN has established herself as Swedens hottest talent-to-watch, both at home and on an international stage. Her eponymous debut EP (2016, Playground Music) led to performances at Sweden’s biggest music festivals (including Emmaboda, Storsjöyran, Musikens Makt, Umeå Open), a massive club circuit tour and live appearances on Sweden’s coolest national radio shows, with the singles I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You and Missfiton heavy rotation on national radio. She was nominated as Best Newcomer 2016 by Swedish National Radio Music Awards (P3 Guld) and one of Sweden’s biggest music monthly magazines, Gaffa Awards. As well as Dance Music Artist of the Year, Breakthrough of the Year and Live Artist of The Year. With Dagen Nyheter (Sweden’s biggest morning daily newspaper) describing REIN as one of the years most exciting newcomers. 

Now REIN is set to unleash her second FREEDOOM EP to the world on 9 June via Playground Music. Produced by REIN, alongside Owl Vision, they have pushed their sound to new levels. Sonically FREEDOOM has an ultra-hard club sound and an unapologetic hard-hitting political agenda covering exclusion, feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism. As REIN explains: "I just had enough after the US elections, the rise of the right-wing movement in Europe, the Syrian War and Brexit. Why not be open to new solutions? Why not abolish the entire system instead of going backwards? I think that it is important to at least start the debate."

The new single C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M is out 2 June, with the FREEDOOM EP following on 9 June, both available digitally via Playground Music.

"’C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M’ veers wildly between amped-up industrial techno, Peaches' flamboyant scuzz, and Sleigh Bells' raucous riot-pop. Vocals blast like demented cheerleader cheers and scratchy synths screech towards a hellish dancefloor - the producer/singer's new offering is feral and infectious.” The Line of Best Fit

”Blending full-on electro and punk influences with tightly crafted pop sensibilities and a fierce attitude, the sort of thing we could imagine The KLF would ask Lady Gaga to collaborate with them on for their first new single in almost 25 years”.
 - Record Of The Day

"Peaches meets Poison. Electrogoths, punks, ravers and rockers will love this!" 
- Electronic North

"Stockholm’s darkly fierce and slightly unsettling princess Rein unveils her excitingly convincing raw energetic electro bullet." - Fame Magazine

"An upbeat bassline and straightforward in-your-face drums pay tribute to the Motörhead of EBM, and Rein’s straightforward no bullshit attitude makes her new track an EBM banger by its own rights"Post Punk

"A biting piece of electro-punk, sheer bedlam from start to finish" - Clash

"The switchblade carrying babe basically screams about all the things she hates for three minutes over industrial dance beats. I’m in love!"  - Idolator

"We’ve been waiting for Rein to come along – a fierce, independent woman who combines talent with a capacity for attitude and aggression that can tame the hardest death metal grunt." 
– Cold War Night Life

"Harsh, intense and powerful blasts of electronic dance music." 
Nothing But Hope And Passion 


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